Spring has arrived…

Monday was the first official day of Spring, and in Room 22, we spent some time thinking about what that means for us.  As we move towards the final third of 4th grade, our focus is on what kind of a person we want to be.  Here are our goals: 1.  Speak up.  2.  Be … Continue reading

Two Weeks Until Spring Break

Our “Wall of Women’s Empowerment” is complete and hanging in the hallway between classrooms 16 and 17.  Please go down and take a look when you get a chance.  We are very proud of the work our students, families, and teachers did to create it. In the last two weeks before Spring Break, our main … Continue reading

Women’s Day Teach-In

Today was a special for us as we spent the whole day learning about how women have changed the world.  We started in the morning by watching clips from a PBS documentary about the history of the Women’s Rights Movement.  Then, students had time to read books about important women in small groups.  Thank you … Continue reading


We’ve got four full weeks of school until Spring Break and plenty of work to get done before then!  On Wednesday, students will be taking their Unit 3 Post-Assessment in math on fractions and division with remainders.  Then we will do a mini-unit on measurement conversions. We are dedicating a large chunk of class this … Continue reading

Word Work, Art, and Reed Science

We launched a new word study program called “Words Their Way” about a month ago.  Students are in groups based on spelling ability and are studying word patterns.  Each week they work with a new group of words and then have an assessment on them.  You should start seeing graded assessments coming home every week. … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

We had a nice little Valentine’s Celebration in Room 22.  Thanks for all the treats!  Hopefully your children didn’t come home too sugared up! This week we are doing more background work on Native American history.  It’s important that students have an understanding of the broader story before focusing on those groups Native to Oregon. … Continue reading

January 2017

It’s been a funky month with all the snowy weather!  I am looking forward to getting back into normal classroom routines with your children. Last week, we did a lot of non-fiction reading about current events.  Students choose one of four topics: The phenomenon of Fake News, Barack Obama’s Presidency, inauguration 2017, or The Legacy … Continue reading

Happy Winter Break!

What a funky week it was with the snow days on Thursday and Friday! Due to the shortened week, we are going to push back some of the school work that I was hoping students would complete before break.   The end of the Oregon geography unit, including the brochure on Google Docs and the … Continue reading