Snowy Days

Hope you had a nice three-day weekend and you are staying warm in this cold weather! Here’s what we are up to: Math:  Students are learning about dividing up the remainder in a division story problem.  For example, if each friend gets two cookies and there is one cookie leftover, how would the remaining cookie … Continue reading


Here’s the news from Room 22: Math:  We have been working on a variety of different models to represent fractions.  So far, students have learned: ruler fractions, egg-carton fractions, and clock fractions.  This week, students are learning how to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers. Reading:  We are deep into our non-fiction unit.  Students … Continue reading

Quarter Two

It’s hard to believe we are nearly half way through the school year!  At the moment we are in the midst of assessments and launching new units.  Here’s what’s going on in Room 22: Math:  Last week, students completed the area and perimeter unit and took their post assessment.  On Friday, I did some more … Continue reading


Welcome back!  I hope that you and your family had a lovely Winter Break.  We’ve had a great start to 2018 in Room 22. Let me fill you in on what we’ve been doing: Math:  We are currently doing a mini unit on area and perimeter.  Our goal is to transition students into using equations … Continue reading

Winter Break

With only a few days of school left before Winter Break, we are busy wrapping up units and projects.  Here’s what we’ve got going on in Room 22: Social Studies:  We are spending a lot of time this week on our Geography brochures.  Students are finishing rough drafts and then typing final drafts on Google … Continue reading


It was a pleasure getting the time to speak with all of you at conferences.  I hope you and your family had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and spent some time celebrating the things you are grateful for. We’ve got a lot going on in Room 22! Science:  We will be releasing our Salmon fry during … Continue reading


Science:  The salmon eggs have arrived!  We are looking forward to watching them grow and learning about the salmon life cycle. Social Studies:  Our focus the last two weeks has been on Crater Lake.  Students are creating graphic storyboards to show how Mt. Mazama erupted, created a large caldera, and eventually evolved into Crater Lake. … Continue reading

Mid-October in Room 22

Social Studies:  Thanks to everyone who helped out last week by making dough for our topographical maps of Oregon and coming into the classroom to help us make them!  They turned out very well and I couldn’t have done it without your help.  This week, students will be painting the maps and learning about the … Continue reading


We are fully in 4th grade mode these days!  Let me catch you up on all the goings on in the classroom. Reading:  This week in reading, we are focusing on engaging with the text by asking questions and wonderings.   Our mentor text is the aptly named “Wonder,” by R.J. Palacio.  Student are practicing … Continue reading