Spring Break

As this is the last week before Spring Break, we are completing quite a few academic units.  We finished our study of the Corps of Discovery last week and the post-tests went home with students on Friday.  We will begin our new unit on the Oregon Trail when school starts back up. In writing this … Continue reading

Busy Bees

We have a lot going on right now in Room 22!  With two weeks until Spring Break, we are wrapping up quite a few units of study so that we are able to start on new material after the break. Next Tuesday will be the math post-test on Unit Four.  This week, students are learning … Continue reading

Fun With Protractors

On Friday, students learned how to measure angles using protractors.  It was a lot of fun and we will continue to practice this week.  We will also be learning how to find the measure of an interior angle of a triangle when two angles are given.  This is my favorite math unit to teach because it … Continue reading

Corps of Discovery

On Monday, Brett Hausman, father of Maya, came to speak to the 4th grade classes about what it is like to grow up Native American in the United States.  He shared about his Cherokee heritage and the history of his people.  We have another Native speaker and storyteller, Ed Edmo, coming in two weeks to … Continue reading


I hope you and your family enjoyed the lovely, sunny, three-day weekend.  It looks as if we can expect beautiful weather the next few weeks and it makes a big difference here at school to be able to get outside for recess! We had a wonderful time on our field trip to the Oregon Historical … Continue reading