What a lovely start to the month of May!  I hope you and your family are enjoying the sunshine.  As the weather warms up, please make sure you are putting sunscreen on your child before school.  You may also send some to school and I will make sure it is applied before recess.  I also … Continue reading

Letter Writing, Day 30

This week has been a little more normal as the Smarter Balanced Math Assessment is short and only took up one morning of our time.  As a result, we’ve had a pretty regular week in Room 22! In literacy, groups are finishing up their last small-group novel of the year.  They are creating slideshows on Google … Continue reading

April Days

This week is a little wonky due to our continuation of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Students have been working on their writing test in the mornings.  Next week they will be taking the state math test. In the afternoons, we are continuing our study of Japanese American history in Oregon.  Students are currently researching topics … Continue reading

Report Cards

Report cards are going home with students on Friday.  Please look them over and get the signed envelopes back to me.  I will be meeting with students individually next week to go over report cards with them, and I encourage you to be transparent with your student about how they are doing in class.  As … Continue reading

State Testing

Smarter Balance Testing begins on Monday with the reading and writing assessment.  We will be testing in the mornings and doing regular work in the afternoons.  PLEASE make sure your child is getting to sleep early and coming to school prepared with extra snacks and lots of positive encouragement. For the month of April, our … Continue reading

Spring Break

Since it’s the last week of school before Spring Break, we are wrapping up a bunch of our units.  Students will be taking their Unit 4 Math Test on Friday.  It will cover geometry vocabulary, measuring angles with a protractor, finding the missing interior angle in a triangle, finding the missing angle measure in a … Continue reading

Westward Expansion

This week and next week we are doing a mini-unit on Westward Expansion, with a focus on The Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery and The Oregon Trail.  We are watching two OPB films on the topic as many students have not ever been to the regions of the country that the expedition/pioneers trekked across.  Students … Continue reading


I sent home the Unit 3 math assessments last week.  Hopefully you had a chance to look it over with your child.  After a mini-unit on measurement conversions last week, we are now moving into Unit 4.  This will be a geometry unit, and students will learn how to measure angles, plot items on a … Continue reading

Oregon Historical Society

We had a really great time at the Oregon Historical Society yesterday!  Student enjoyed seeing artifacts and learning from the fabulous tour guides.  Thanks to all the parent chaperones who came along. Students took their Unit 3 Math test on Monday.  The test covered different fraction models, adding fractions, and division problems with a remainder. … Continue reading