The Last Two Weeks

On Monday, students learned about Executive Order 9066, which was the order evacuating all persons of Japanese descent from their homes and moving them into incarceration centers for the duration of World War II.  Residents packed suitcases and wrote journal entries expressing their sadness, anger, and confusion.  This week we will focus on Japanese American … Continue reading

The Final Three Weeks

On Wednesday, the residents of Japantown were carrying on with their regular lives when they heard an emergency radio broadcast.  It was December 7, 1941, and Pearl Harbor had just been bombed.  A curfew order was quickly imposed on all Americans of Japanese descent.  Residents wrote about their reactions in their journals. The next two … Continue reading

Hot, Busy Days

PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL WITH A FULL WATER BOTTLE!  It is very hot in the classroom and the water containers are far away from Room 22.  Additionally, it’s that time of year where 4th grade bodies are starting to change.  We had a class conversation on Friday about how our personal hygiene has … Continue reading

Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center

We had an incredible field trip to the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center in downtown Portland.  Students were able to observe and discuss artifacts from Japanese American history in Oregon, view the “Yellow Terror” contemporary art exhibit by Roger Shimomura, and spend some time at the Japanese American Memorial Plaza along the waterfront.  A big thank … Continue reading


It was nice to see so many of you at Art Night last Thursday!  If you have not had a chance to stop by yet, I encourage you to come check out the art hanging outside of our classroom as well as the rest of the wonderful art throughout the school building. This week students … Continue reading


I am getting very concerned about the tardy habits that are forming in Room 22.  For the last three weeks, every morning when the bell rings, I am missing 5-9 students!  It is extremely disruptive to your child and the other students in the class when people are rolling in late.  We do work from … Continue reading

SBAC, Black Oregon History, Art Night

This week, students are taking the Smarter Balanced English Language Arts Performance Task.  Students will read information from a few sources, answer questions, and then write a five paragraph essay showing what they have learned. We are continuing our study of Black History in Oregon this week.  Students are currently researching topics such as the … Continue reading

Mid-April Days

Students are taking the first portion of the Smarter Balanced Reading Assessment this week.  Next week, they will take the second portion of the assessment, which focuses more on writing. We are doing a lot of art this week to balance out all the test taking.  Students are completing their folk art cityscapes and we … Continue reading

Smarter Balance Testing

Next Monday, April 17th, students will begin taking the Smarter Balanced State Reading Assessment.  This is the official standardized testing that 4th graders are now taking nationwide.  It is a very long computerized test and will be challenging for a variety of reasons.  PLEASE make sure that your child gets a good nights sleep on … Continue reading


I hope you and your family had a lovely Spring Break!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this beautiful, sunny weather continues. Students began their times tables quizzes on Monday.  They will have the quizzes every Monday and Friday for the duration of the school year until they master all their facts.  I suggest students … Continue reading